ABOUT US Record Label

FareliveĀ® HD Recording Label is a Record Label born in Matera in 2005 and currently on the record market with direct sales and promotion following twenty years of experience developed in the field of High Definition Record Production and Publishing.

The permanent action of promotion and publicity of its productions has produced unanimous appreciation from critics and in 2012 the label participated in the Medimex of Bari as a guest exhibitor in stand No. 100 of the Matera 2019 Committee. In 2015 the Label landed in Digital Record market on the major Networks including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify. Recently the “Ebanthology” production received 5 stars from the “Musica” magazine and triple Silver medal from the “Global Music Award”. The production staff Expertise has over 500 registrations made on the national territory and makes use of both a mobile and a fixed studio recently inaugurated in the new Sammichele di Bari operational headquarters.

To date, following a high quality standard both in terms of recording and production, 26 CD Record Productions have been produced and published in the Main series, 2 CD productions in the Demo series and 2 CD productions in the Memo series, all located on the record market. The distribution on behalf of third parties of author publications in the Meta series recently. In the forthcoming forthcoming publications also productions in DXD and SACD Super Audio CD.


We specialize in the live recording of concerts in a particular way of classical music which requires the highest quality equipment and sound cleaning. We provide a professional recording studio and we follow the clients from the pre-production up to the Registration, Mixing and Mastering phases. We use the best software technologies, digital and analog to capture and enhance the most expressive take.


Farelive deals with the design of the visual elements that contribute to creating the personal branding and recognizability of your artistic projects. The contents and style that revolve around a musical proposal are translated through a precise graphic line. Our service includes the study of naming, the graphic design of the cover, booklet, inlay card, as well as the creation of functional images for communication on the web.


To obtain a high quality of CD reproduction we use the Glass Mastering process, through which, from a glass matrix, we get to the printing and duplication of CDs (high quality DXD and SACD – Super Audio CD). We also deal with the recording and duplication of vinyl records that have come back in vogue lately. The label then distributes music on the digital market through the major online networks including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.
03 – Occhi scuri // FL 045 - Meridiana Group - KiaOra
  1. 03 – Occhi scuri // FL 045 - Meridiana Group - KiaOra
  2. 02 – Kiaora // FL 045 - Meridiana Group - KiaOra
  3. 01 – Come ti pare // FL 045 - Meridiana Group - KiaOra