Start with your music, we'll take care of the rest!

Live, Location & Studio Recording

We specialize in the live recording of concerts in a particular way of classical music which requires the highest quality equipment and sound cleaning.


Artwork and corporate identity

Farelive deals with the design of the visual elements that contribute to creating the personal branding and recognizability of your artistic projects. 


Print, Publication and Digital Distribution

To obtain a high quality of reproduction of the CDs we use the Glass Mastering process, through which, from a glass matrix, we get to printing and duplication.


03 – Venditore d’incantesimi // FL 038 - Tuttodunfiato
  1. 03 – Venditore d’incantesimi // FL 038 - Tuttodunfiato
  2. 02 – Nidi sul Monte Vetere // FL 038 - Tuttodunfiato
  3. 01 – Noci Fantastica // FL 038 - Tuttodunfiato