La canzone italiana recitata
28 February 2018

Decompositions – The Italian song recited

The lyrics of the Italian songs have contributed to making the Italian musical style great in the world. Vincenzo Failla, a theater, cinema and TV actor, interprets the words of the songs, restoring the texts and their authors with the literary dignity they deserve, a different way of paying homage to the Italian song. The discovery of meanings and suggestions that often, too often, we have not been able to grasp with music. Failla manages to create a unique atmosphere. With his warm voice he gives life to a large group of real, passionate and even funny and comic characters.

The original music by Gianni Coscia, dean of the Italian jazz accordionists, traces a path built on the emotions and suggestions evoked by the text. And if tomorrow, and I think of you, a caress in a fist, I wish it were love, the music is over, if I didn’t have you anymore. But also: I wanted a Black Cat, Zum-Zum-Zum, Popoff, Torpedo Blu, La Casetta in Canada, Sul Cucuzzolo.
Tests written by Mogol, Franco Migliacci, Sergio Bardotti, Giorgio Calabrese, Enrica Bonaccorti, Paolo Limiti, Franco Califano and many others. Present on digital platforms: Itunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Deezer.

It is downloaded and listened to in all countries of the world, including in particular: France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, the Netherlands, Brazil, Chile, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Canada, Sweden, Belgium, Colombia, Finland , Slovakia, Australia, Mexico, Peru, Switzerland, Norway.

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