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14 November 2019

Alone in action! – Piano Solo ”: the kaleidoscope of Jazz on Nico Marziliano’s keyboard

The “Farelive” record label presents a new production, the CD “Alone in action! – Piano Solo ”, a collection comprising 12 pieces by the Apulian jazz pianist, arranger and composer Nico Marziliano, a concert performer who has collaborated with some of the most acclaimed international jazz soloists and ensembles, and a teacher at prestigious Foundations, Conservatories and Masterclasses.

Most of the songs from “Alone in action!” has “matured” over time on the occasion of only performances, up to the achievement of a formal logic and aesthetic such that the artist, in a sort of “solitary challenge with himself”, felt the need to register them, firmly convinced that the technique of improvisation can be learned not only from the study of theory and harmonic rules but also by listening, analyzing and transcribing the works of the great composers, internalizing them, letting go to catch the emotions that music grants, and finally, proposing them from their own point of view, through the personal conception of the theme and the organization of the harmonic structure.

At the opening the classics, Someday my prince will come by Frank Churchill, Star eyes by Gene Vincent De Paul, In a sentimental mood by the great Duke Ellington and Like Someone in love by Jimmy Van Heusen, precede the first original song by Marziliano, To Mike P., a tribute to Michel Petrucciani. Follow two pieces by Thelonious Monk, Reflections and Hackensack, a reworking of George Gershwin’s famous Andante da Rhapsody in blue and a second original song, Blowing on a tango line, a tribute to the tango genre in the style of Piazzolla. The CD ends with a personal harmonization of Miles Davis’ famous ballad, Blue in the green, a third original work, the blues in C major Nickname and the main theme of the soundtrack of the film The Terminal, Jazz Autographs by John Williams.

The high levels of excellence from the Farelive label recordings, which entered the Digital Record market on the major Networks including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and, recently, in High Definition on Qobuz, HD Tracks and Native DSD, offer the user a privileged and intimate listening perspective, as a “pianist’s stool”.

The CD, accompanied by a booklet with the introduction and a brief and incisive guide to listening to each song by Nico Marziliano himself and a contribution by the sound engineer Eustacchio Montemurro, has already been presented on 11 and 12 April in Bari for the concert review of the Mirarte Association at the Marina Life Couture Club and on 24 May 2019 at the Pivot Cultural Club of Castellana Grotte. – The cycle of presentations will continue with a concert in Bari on November 15, 2019 at the Duke Jazz Club in via Giannone and on November 29 in Matera where Marziliano will open the 23rd season of the Festival organized by Arteria.

Farelive® HD Recording Label is a Record Label born in Matera in 2005, present on the record market with a direct sale and promotion and distributed in “liquid” version by traditional Digital Networks including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and for the market Audiophile from High Definition channels including Qobuz, HD Tracks and Native DSD. Farelive® specializes in the acoustic recording of Classical and Jazz Music through the use of reference equipment to the “State of the Art” which ensure realistic reproduction of each musical instrument and absolute transparency in the reconstruction of the sound scene closest to listening live. Various praise received by specialized critics and forthcoming upcoming productions in DXD-Digital eXtreme Definition and SACD-Super Audio CD.


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