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25 March 2019

Alone in action! – Piano Solo ”: the kaleidoscope of Jazz on Nico Marziliano’s keyboard

The record label “FARELIVE”, a company that is attentive to the enhancement of the musical heritage of the Appulo / Lucano area and appreciated for the high quality of its productions, in collaboration with the Ars Nova Association and the Carlo Levi Center, presents the new production of the violin duo “Octo Cordae”, composed by the young and talented Domenico Masiello and Eliana De Candia, during an event to be held on Saturday 6 April 2019 at 18.00 in the setting of Palazzo Lanfranchi in Matera. “RECITAL” – the title chosen for this record production, whose critical notes in the libretto are edited by Maestro Nicola Scardicchio, collects musical pages of extraordinary interest, taken from the repertoire of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, which offer the opportunity to the duo ” Octo Cordae ”to highlight excellent virtuosic qualities and a strong interpretative sensitivity, result of a perfect musical understanding of the young musicians.

The result is a full sonic completeness mirror of the richness of the writing that manages to make the listener “forget” to find himself in front of only two violins. The refined repertoire chosen by the duo “Octo Cordae” includes pieces by Jean Maria Leclaire (1697-1764), Giovanni Battista Viotti (1755-1824), Charles A. De Beriot (1802-1870), Henryk Wieniawski (1835-1880), composers who had an undoubted influence on generations of great musicians, giving an elegant and varied journey into musical Europe from the late Baroque period to the whole of the 19th century, of absolute interest both for the musicologist and the musician and for the enthusiast who wants to get closer to the genre, and enhancing the virtuosic qualities and the great sensitivity in the interpretation of pages of high instrumental lyricism by Domenico Masiello and Eliana De Candia.

The two young artists were trained respectively in the Conservatories “Duni” of Matera and “Piccinni” of Bari and, thanks also to the merit of having attended specialization courses with teachers of international prestige, they already have behind them experiences with chamber ensembles and symphony orchestras , emerging among the most interesting young talents of the current music scene. During the event at Palazzo Lanfranchi, the duo “Octo Cordae”, back from a busy calendar of concerts and opportunities to promote the official release of the new record production, will be introduced by the talks of Prof. Maria Antonietta Cancellaro, professor of History of Music, and of Eustacchio Montemurro, record producer of the Farelive label, distributed in the Digital Record market on the major Networks including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify and recently in High Definition on Native DSD, HD Tracks and Qobuz and that is confirmed for the absolute levels of excellence in the quality of audio recordings.

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