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14 January 2020

PROSPEKTY “: the Russian musical nineteenth century in the masterful interpretation of Pierluigi Camicia live at the Petruzzelli Theater

The record label “FARELIVE” presents its new and ambitious production, the SACDSuper Audio CD recorded live at the Teatro Petruzzelli in Bari on September 18, 2017, “PROSPEKTY”, an elegant fresco of the nineteenth century Russian musical for piano entrusted to interpretive prestige and Pierluigi Camicia, technician of the Apulian pianist, “PROSPEKTY” immediately reveals itself as a well-kept and balanced anthology of nineteenth-century Russian musical production which, while assimilating the Italian, Viennese and French style, takes on a peculiar and exclusive connotation, more similar to the taste and homogeneous narratives typical of the Russian tradition, inspired by literature, oral tradition and orthodox popular and religious music.

The SACD opens four refined paintings from the cycle “The Seasons” (1875-76) by Pëtr Il’ič Čajkovskij (1840-1893) in which colors, images and atmospheres of the seasonal cycles are evoked with deep and sincere inspiration, accompanied by “Dumka “Op.59, a sort of” Russian rhapsody “in the Lisztian way, a piece of great virtuosic commitment. Follow the difficult Sonata n ° 4 in F sharp major op.30 (1902-03) and the Five preludes op.16 (1894-95) by Aleksandr Skrjabin (1872-1915), pages that, although endowed with a certain linearity, require remarkable interpretative and executive skills to make the suggestive lyricism clear. The ideal path ends with an absolute masterpiece of the piano repertoire, here in its original version, preferable to any alternative, Pictures from an exhibition (1874) by Modest Musorgskij (1839-1881), a sort of suite consisting of fifteen songs that “evoke” like a crowd of memories and feelings, works of art by the painter friend Viktor Hartmann, who died prematurely.

The extraordinary virtuosity, the refinement in color and the extraordinary interpretative skills of Maestro Camicia, attentive to repertoires often defined as “niche” for the refined basic musicological research, have been enhanced by the absolute levels of excellence from the live recording of the concert by of the Farelive label, landed on the Digital Record market on the major Networks including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify and recently in High Definition on Qobuz, HD Tracks and Native DSD, which nothing subtracts from the richness of sound and impact emotional of listening live. The SACD – Super Audio CD is accompanied by a booklet edited by Nicola Scardicchio with a cultured and passionate listening guide equally interesting for the musicologist and the enthusiast who wants to “discover” this repertoire.


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