Notizie da Farelive
30 October 2018

The single “Canzone Moscia” is released, the debut of the pop group Ossidiseta

A disheveled guy and three yolk-colored ideas roam a room in search of the right phonic tool.
The result? It is getting a little tight.

Sergio Pugliese, drums
Luca Michele Grimaldi, guitar
Silvia Fiume, voice
Tiziano Parente, bass

Thanks respectively to Nicola Notarnicola for the Direction and Editing and Mirko Gigante for the filming.
Without them our faces would not have revealed themselves to the vast multimedia public (however pleasant it may have been).

We also thank:
– the whole organization of the “AIP – Art in Progress” Music Contest Putignano (BA) for the 1st Prize awarded on May 12, 2018 with the Registration of this song.
– the Farelive HD Recording Label team in the people of Eustacchio Montemurro, Peppino Barberio and Giuseppe Gaudiano.

A big thank you to our parents and friends who love us and always follow us.

Listen to the single now



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