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03 February 2020

Seule: Giulia Buccarella’s violin “from a woman to a woman”

The record label “FARELIVE” has the privilege of presenting a new prestigious production, the CD “SEULE” by the violinist Giulia Buccarella. Barese, daughter of art, Giulia Buccarella has established herself as one of the most interesting talents internationally from a very young age and has a career in Europe as a soloist and in chamber duo. Violin teacher at the Conservatory at the age of 18, he had Salvatore Accardo, Boris Belkin and the Trio of Trieste among his teachers. The album “SEULE” was born as a tribute to the power and generosity of Guigone de Salins (1403-1470), founder of the first hospice for poor and pilgrims, a work that will continue until the death of her husband Nicolas Rolin in 1462, making this word its motto. Over five centuries later, Giulia Buccarella, facing a difficult repertoire and whose interpretation represents a gift of immense generosity, therefore pays tribute to the great women of Burgundy, perpetrating their memory through this masterful work. Il Capriccio n. 25 by Pietro Antonio Locatelli (1695-1764), one of the 24 compositions of great technical difficulty, taken from the well-known publication L ‘Arte del Violino, followed by Fantasia n. 12 by Georg Philip Telemann (1681-1767) published in 1735 and characterized by grace and melodic richness. Giulia Buccarella then ventured into the Sonata in B flat major by Lucchese Francesco Geminiani (1687-1762), whose fundamental contribution to the evolution of the violin technique is expressed with a showy but not only ornamental virtuosity, and in the Prelude ou improvisation of the violinist and Belgian composer Charles Auguste De Bériot (1802-1870), exponent of the Romantic violin tradition.

La Ciaccona op. 117 by Max Reger (1873-1916) exponent of late German Romanticism and the Sonata op. II n.6 by Paul Hindemith (1895-1963), the final landing of the European musical twentieth century. The high levels of excellence from the Farelive label recordings, which entered the Digital Record market on the major Networks including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and, recently, in High Definition on Qobuz, HD Tracks and Native DSD, enhance virtuosity and the interpretative skills of the artist, who plays a contemporary violin by Claire Chaubard with a prestigious bow by Jacques Poullot, giving the solo instrument a richness and fullness of sound that does not affect its clarity. The CD, the third born from the collaboration of Giulia Buccarella with Farelive after “Virtuose” and “Poème” is embellished with an elegant cover by Pascal Garnier. Giulia Buccarella will hold a concert at the Auditorium in Latina on March 1, 2020 with the I Giovani Filarmonici Pontini orchestra, while on March 25 she will perform in Cologne (Germany), at the Italian Cultural Institute, with Patrizia Prati on the piano. On April 3 he will be in Thessaloniki in Greece at Aristotle University with a solo violin Recital and on May 14 in Madrid, always with Patrizia Prati on the piano, protagonist of the Concert for the Celebrations of the Anniversary of the Twenty Years of the Universidad de Mayores at the Church of the Pontifical Comillas University. He will play as a soloist in July at the International Midsummer Festival in Tagliacozzo.


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