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05 May 2018

Vincenzo Cipriani’s Eclectic Inside is out

After the release in 2010 of the first album “Weke music for piano & string” (Velut Luna, 2010), numerous concerts in Italy and especially abroad in performances for solo piano, piano and orchestra and after important collaborations with great musicians and actors, who enriched me artistically but above all humanly, I am going to present my new recording project “Eclectic Inside”. The curiosity that has always distinguished me towards music in all its manifestations has led me to experiment with different languages, forms, styles and organics. The compositions, in fact, are affected by the artistic experience that has characterized me in recent years: tours abroad, especially in the Arab countries, northern Europe and Latin Americans, have been the lifeblood for learning new languages ​​which, once assimilated, they have become an integral part of a language aimed at contaminating the traditional chamber music tradition with jazz, funky, pop, minimal, Turkish rhythms, Egyptian and Latin Arabic melodies. The piano and the string orchestra are certainly the protagonists of this work; but they are not the only ones: there are the jazz trio (piano, bass and drums) and the piano solo. I can say that this album, in Crossover style, represents my way of being and my idea of ​​a contemporary musician. In this mix of cultures that meet, the search for melody remains the leitmotiv of each composition because there is always the desire and the desire to tell the listener, through music, of the stories that everyone will interpret and imagine in their own way. “It’s music to see.”
The string orchestra, the piano and the jazz trio are not only melody and harmony but also rhythm that manifests itself through the tight counterpoint between the various instruments in search of an archaic and at the same time modern rhythm.
I want to thank the many musicians who have collaborated on this album (over 25), giving life to a choral work, which has enriched me from every point of view. I want to dedicate the whole album to my father, Simone, who will always continue to look at me “My father’s eyes”.
Vincenzo Cipriani



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